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A wine run: The first Priorat marathon

There will indeed be grunting, cursing, and probably very little drinking as the runners in the first Priorat Marathon make their way from Falset over to the village of Porrera on October 4th. Then, after following the river for a bit, they’ll “enjoy” the hill that leads up in to Torroja. Then… well, you get the idea. This marathon is going to be... more>

Vi Ranci finally gets its due

Vi Ranci is often avoided by people. We suppose it has to do with the name which directly translates from Catalan as “rancid wine”. Admittedly that’s not too appealing and sounds downright repulsive. The taste is similar to what you find in Fino Sherries in that it has an oxidation quality to it that some may initially be put off by given that... more>

One very old Iberian wine cellar

For those who might have seen or remembered it, there was a great line from the 1980s TV series ALF which was, “You crawl under houses, you hear things.” The same can be said in winery visits in that if you happen to do enough of them, you very well may learn things you never thought possible. Such a thing came my way... more>

Far flung Mas de les Vinyes

It’s often the case when working on a new book (as we are currently for Montsant) that you come across a winery that is incredibly surprising. It doesn’t always happen, but when it does it makes you happy you took the time to visit each and every cellar in a region. The was the case with Mas de les Vinyes. It would have... more>

Of brothers Coca i Fitó

When talking about the power family duo of Toni & Miquel, it’s best to quote a bit from our forthcoming DO Montsant guide: Growing up in the Catalan wine heartland of Alt Penedès, it’s amazing to find out that brothers Toni and Miquel Coca i Fitó don’t have a family history of making wine. This amazement is due to Miquel successfully exporting a... more>

In The Glass: Pago Diana Téria 2007

In Empordà–well not exactly Empordà as it actually crosses in to Gironès as well–there is a winery called, Pago Diana. Not part of the DO Empordà due to geographic situation as well as grape choices, they make very different wines than the rest of their neighbors a little to the north. It’s a very nice setting just outside the village of Sant Jordi... more>

The 2013 that was, the 2014 that could be

This is the time of year for reminiscing about the year that’s passed and the year to come because well, nothing else happens in Spain until after January 6th. Annoying trends of 2013 Natural wine This is a big one and in the last year it’s gotten crazy hyped up. Sure, there are some really good benefits to this manner of producing wine,... more>

A tale of Two Drunks

In our Priorat book 99.1% of the wines have full DOQ Priorat certification. For those unfamiliar with the strict Denomination of Origin standards, this means that the wines are made from grapes only within the region and vinified at a certified cellar that is located there as well. But, for that 0.8% that don’t have certification, they are still from grapes in the... more>

Salón de Viñerons / Try & Buy

Last week, I was one of the lucky few to be invited to the presentation of Salón de Viñerons at Quinto Cuarta. This was a dinner coordinated by Paladar & Tomar as a lead-in to the PopUp Wine Try & Buy happening December 13th & 14th at Hotel Villa Emilia in Barcelona. This event on those two days allows people to pay merely... more>

Barcelona city vineyards

An article I wrote for Barcelona Metropolitan is out today and talks about the one full winery within the Barcelona city limits, Can Calopa. It was an interesting trip that I took up to see them last month and visit their vineyards and cellar where they’re making a wine that isn’t for sale and just for use at city events: …This is where... more>