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Gramona does three takes on Xarel·lo

Stalwart producer of DO Penedès and DO Cava, Gramona has brought out a line of three wine whites all based around the grape, Xarel·lo. For those who might be unfamiliar with the name, it’s a key part to the blends that go in to Cava and it’s a serious workhorse for the Penedès region. As a single varietal wine, it can produce light,... more>

You say “lip stinger”, I say no

I’m not sure why I’m such a pedantic twit when it comes to wine grape names. I suppose it’s because all European grapes have a name that typically means something whether it’s the place they’re from (like Carignan/Carinyena) or describes their history appearance or taste like Plavac Mali or Escanyavella (“little blue” and “old lady strangler”, respectively.) The problem is that in this... more>

Going with the flow in Empordà

The summer is again not playing nice as just yesterday it was pouring rain and about 20C while I wrote this article, which is a slightly changed version of my latest on Barcelona Metropolitan. Still, if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s probably much more sunny where you are and so these two wines are highly recommendable if so. Most people long ago... more>

In The Glass: Rebels de Batea 2013

These new wines called, “Rebels de Batea” are part of a larger series called, 7 Magnifics or the “Magnificent Seven”. It’s a project of überwinery, Torres to create smaller wines in unique locations with the idea to showcase what’s special about the region. These first two bottles in the series–a white and a red–are from Terra Alta and almost completely Grenache. The marketing... more>

For a fresh summer, White Grenache

As if to emphasize just how “fresh” summer can be, it’s pouring rain and about 24C while I write this article, which is a slightly adapted version from my wine column on Barcelona Metropolitan. But, suffice to say, I love the summers in Catalonia where the long days and just a touch of heat (compared to July & August of course) remind us... more>

The tastes of Priorat

I’m often in the Catalan comarca of Priorat. A large part of the reason is due to the Priorat book, new Montsant book, or taking small groups of visitors around on the occasional wine tours. Naturally, this means I get to sample the region continuously on a regular basis which I freely admit I’m very spoiled to be able to do, although I’ll... more>

Tast del Decenni of 2004 in 2014

Last week I was one of the lucky few to be invited to the annual Tast del Decenni in the Priorat comarca. Essentially what this is, is a taste of the wines from a decade ago from both the DOQ Priorat as well as starting in 2012, DO Montsant. There were 24 wines as well as one guest to be tasted and this... more>

Last chance to order Vinologue Montsant!

As we head in this wonderful time in Priorat with the annual Fira del Vi it’s a good moment to remind everyone who’d like to get their hands on our latest and greatest book for DO Montsant that this is the last week to do so via our Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter gives us a chance to get the book out earlier as the... more>

A wine run: The first Priorat marathon

There will indeed be grunting, cursing, and probably very little drinking as the runners in the first Priorat Marathon make their way from Falset over to the village of Porrera on October 4th. Then, after following the river for a bit, they’ll “enjoy” the hill that leads up in to Torroja. Then… well, you get the idea. This marathon is going to be... more>

Vi Ranci finally gets its due

Vi Ranci is often avoided by people. We suppose it has to do with the name which directly translates from Catalan as “rancid wine”. Admittedly that’s not too appealing and sounds downright repulsive. The taste is similar to what you find in Fino Sherries in that it has an oxidation quality to it that some may initially be put off by given that... more>