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How to taste Teran

I want to love Teran, really I do, but I don’t even know what to call it at this point. The wines bearing this name had been made in Istria, Croatia for some time, but as joining the EU got closer, Slovenia pulled the rug out from under those using the name of the grape. Essentially what happened was the same thing that... more>

Tasting and visiting Clai

A little while back, we had the chance to traipse around Istria and catch up on many of the wineries that we either weren’t able to see or simply didn’t exist during our last visit several years ago. It was remarkable to see what a changes had happened in these few years. The wines, despite the horrid 2010 harvest, have stabilized so well... more>

Vinistra 2013

In May, we attended Vinistra. This was their 20th edition of the fair, but this isn’t just an organization that puts on a fair each year to show the regional products of the Istrian Peninsula. Vinistra is the closest entity Croatia has to a DO body. This is part of the reason that Istrian wines are of a higher, more evenhanded quality level... more>

The Vinologue-Torrassos extravaganza

Much like any region, if you go to enough wine related events, you end up bumping in to the same people. This is typically a good thing as you’re all there for wine and wine is, well, a unifier of souls. But, it’s because of this that we’ve gotten to know Els Torrassos, bon vivants who are based up in Girona on Torrassa... more>

In The Glass: Matošević Alba Barrique 2004

While paying a visit to Ivica Matošević’s winery last month, we tasted our way through all his labels and, at one point he pulled out a bottle of 2004 Malvazija. The reason for opening this nine year-old bottle was to show off how well Malvazija can age if one so desired. Ironically, in swimming in Croatian wine circles back in California, I seem... more>


A collection of nifty wine and travel bits from around the interwebs. BBC News “Global flight paths” shows where the planes are heading. Obviously not a coincidence how the busiest area also has the best wines. D-Vins Mostra de vins i caves de proximitat D-Vins a Agramunt is having its first edition this weekend for those of you who are unaware that there... more>

In The Glass: Trapan Che non Che 2011

On the first night of arrival at this year’s Zagreb Wine Gourmet Festival, I shared Catalan and Istrian bottles with Goran and Alen from Taste of Croatia at the Hole in One Pub in the center of Zagreb. While munching on a burger, in the door bounced Bruno Trapan of the eponymous Trapan Winery. Bruno was touting his brand new creation which is... more>

Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend 2013

Last year, I went to the first Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend which was something of a continuation of the event from previous years, but under a slightly different name and organizer. You can read all about it in a round up of Days I, II, and III. Suffice to say, it was a great time with a lot of great wine and various... more>

Never forget the Mali Plavač

While dousing ourselves in San Francisco over the holidays, a friend invited us over for a Szechuan hot pot dinner. Despite eating out a lot in SF over the last two weeks, it was, without a doubt one of the most fantastic things we had to eat there. A couple of neighbors stopped by and brought some wine, specifically, the “Grifone Primitivo 2010″... more>

In The Glass: Miloš Stagnum Poluslatko 2003

It’s a fantastic thing when the wonderfully strange crosses your path by way of an Istrian visiting Spain. Such was the case with this bottle of what I can really only call dessert wine from Miloš. That’s not really the right word as it’s actually a “half-sweet” Croatian wine. These pop up here and there as there are many people in the region... more>