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Customs and traditions around the world

عادات وتقاليد حول العالمcustoms and traditions :
  The concepts of customs and traditions are complex concepts that are difficult to define in general because they relate to a more comprehensive concept of culture. Traditions and traditions are part of a community culture and are often associated with an old time situation that is outside the realm of written notation. Materialism leads to the emergence of the problem of not reaching a single concept of customs and traditions.
  Customs and traditions are an important part of every nation's society around the world, with different nationalities, interests and religions among people, but there are customs and traditions for each family, tribe, state, culture, and age. All individuals within a society adhere to its customs and traditions and do not overdo it And in some cases may punish the individual if he exceeds the customs, traditions and customs of the surrounding environment; because of their association with beliefs, education and behavior in individuals in general, and may be directly related to religion, including customs and traditions Greeted many religious things Ktqos worship, as the customs and traditions include a mechanism for dealing in public events, and the nature of the communication and interaction between men and women, and a lot of other things.

 Customs and traditions around the world:
  Around the world, there are many customs and traditions that have become an integral part of the culture and lives of peoples. They have shifted from mere ideas and opinions to fixed foundations that can not be changed, surpassed, updated, developed or abandoned. Here is information on the most important customs and traditions around the world:
 -  Pundo tribes belong to the Indian tribes, live in the Orissa region, from the pundo habits of women in the fields, the jewelry industry and the tools. The men hunt deer, and it is common practice in the bongo tribes that it is a shame to die as a result of illness or illness For a certain accident, but must die while fighting it in battle.

 -  The customs of the tribe of the brother is the tribe of the brother of the tribes of the north of Thailand, and their habits of women wearing skirts decorated with bands and metals, and put a cover on the head made of silver balls decorated with a set of coins, beads and colors, and other traditions not to use this tribe to write; On the basis of an ancient myth that their texts were written on the skins of bulls, and in one of the wars experienced by the invaders eat these skins.
 -  The Baba Tribes The Buba tribes are located 150 km from Australia and live in the province of Papua New Guinea. Marriage traditions are one of the most common customs and traditions of these tribes. They consider marriage to be a type of trade and depends on prices, The price of the bride is $ 240, half of the money is paid in cash, and the other half is using sea shells.
 -  Traditions of the Tasaday tribe The Tasaday tribe were not known before 1967; they are classified as prehistoric tribes, discovered by a Paltese fisherman, and the Tasadai customs are not to kill animals to eat; because they consider them friends, In getting meat on the fish only, they also avoid eating the eggs of birds that live with them.

 -  Bone dance Bone dance is one of the most unusual and widespread traditions in Madagascar. It relies on extracting the bones of the dead from their graves, dancing with them, preparing for the major celebrations on this occasion, and talking with the bones about the deceased. A belief among the population that on the day of celebration the souls of the dead meet the spirits of the living.
 -  The bridegroom is asked to collect a number of flies from the garbage collection areas, and sprinkle candies on the trees so that they can catch the flies, and later use it as a bride to marry, and the groom must eat a dish of flies Who hunted in front of the bride.
 -  Cheese Festival The cheese festival is one of the festivals in England. This tradition belongs to the Romans. It is based on the use of a large piece of cheese weighing about 7 kg. This piece is rolled from a high mountain, followed by the contestants and those who can reach them. .

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