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The largest dam in the world

أكبر سد في العالمDams:

  The culture of building dams has been known since ancient times, but it has developed in the recent period a great development, and the number of dams has been increasing in different parts of the globe, and the importance of the various countries in the world began to race and commercial establishment, and despite the high cost of material, and changes in The nature of its construction and the exposure of its daughters to a lot of dangers during the construction, but this did not prevent the construction; because of the clean energy of electricity, it produces electricity that avoids the use of oil and coal in the generation of electricity, The problem of environmental pollution is greatly reduced.

Definition of the dam:

   The dam is defined as an engineering building that is constructed for the purpose of assembling and storing water. The dams are classified according to their form and the materials used in its construction, in addition to the purpose of its construction. The most common types of dams, which are composed of earth or rock materials, Its facade is made of concrete with protective beams.

The Three Gorges Dam The Biggest Dam in the World:

    The three dams are the largest dams in the world in terms of the amount of electricity generated by it. It is one of the largest power plants in the world. The amount of energy produced is equivalent to the amount of energy generated by 34 large power plants, The energy produced by the burning of 50 million tons of coal, or the burning of 25 million tons of crude oil, is located dam three corridors on the third longest river in the world, the Yangtze River in the Chinese province of Hubei.
  The dam was built at the expense of many of China's most beautiful areas; more than 1,000 archaeological sites were flooded and nearly 100 towns and settlements were destroyed, forcing about 1.24 million people to move from their homes to build this great dam, Despite the dam's robustness and resilience to the strongest earthquakes, if it collapses, it is expected to kill millions of people living near it, estimated at 360 million.
   The dam is 7,661 feet long and 600 feet high. It is constructed of concrete and steel and has been used for nearly 510,000 tons of steel. This is believed to be enough to build the Eiffel Tower 60 times, with a dam area of ​​405 square miles; Contributes to the arrival of large quantities of ocean water to it, and prevents the occurrence of floods in that region, and the cost of construction of the dam about $ 30 billion dollars from the beginning of work to completion.

The largest dams in the world:

  The dams are the largest dams in the world, and there are many huge dams in different places around the world, from the largest to the least massive:
- Itaipu Dam: It is second only to the Three Gorges Dam, built in Brazil, with the aim of generating enough hydropower for its inhabitants. Engineers began their work in the dam after they found that the best place to build it is the Parana River, which is classified as the seventh largest river between the rivers of the world, which is located on the border of Paraguay, began work in 1975 and ended in 1984, the length of the dam 7979 m, 196 m, and the water storage capacity to 29 billion cubic meters of water.
- Hoover Dam: Hoover Dam is located in America, and ranks third in terms of magnitude. The Hoover Dam was built on the Colorado River between the provinces of Nevada and Arizona. It started in 1931 and ended in 1935. It is 379 meters long and 221 meters high. Its reservoir allows 36 billion cubic meters of water to be stored.
- Akosombo dam: The Akosombo dam is located in Ghana Africa. It was built in 1965 on the Volta River at an altitude of 134 m and a length of 700 m. The main purpose of the dam was the production of hydropower.

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