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The largest tree in the world

أكبر شجرة في العالمThe largest tree in the world:

   Sequoia is one of the largest trees in the world in size, and one of these giant trees is the world's largest tree, the tree named General Sherman. The General Sherman tree is located in the Sequoia National Park in California, United States, estimated to be about 2,000 years old and believed to be in the middle of its life because it lives more than 3,220 years ago.
  General Sherman is not only the largest tree but the largest living organism on the earth. General Sherman is about 1,487 m 3. The tree lost a large branch in 2006, but it has not changed its ranking as the largest tree in the world. The size of the trunk is calculated according to the size of the trunk rather than the number of branches. Although the length of the tree is about 83.8 m, the General Sherman tree is not the longest tree in the world. The longest tree in the world is about 115.7 meters long.
  Sequoia's giant tree is an evergreen pine coniferous species, with a trunk circumference of 31.1 m. Many Sequoia trees have been planted in various places around the world since the discovery of them in the mid-nineteenth century. The oldest tree was found in 1852, Sequoia's Giant Forests The Sequoia tree has become a modern tree cultivated in different places outside its reach. The growth of the Sequoia trees in the United Kingdom and in Scotland was fast.

Origin of Sequoia Trees Name:

  The reason for naming Sequoia trees is that of Sequoia, an indigenous American, specifically from the Cherokee tribe. Sequoia lived between 1767-1843 and established a complete system of writing for his people in order to preserve the Cherokee culture that was threatened with extinction. Because of the influence of strong Western civilization, thousands of Americans learned to write using the Cherokee system. This alphabet is still in use today. In 1847, for the first time, a vegetarian scientific description of the coastal tree of Redwood was made. The plant called Enducher named Sequoia for this new type of tree without mentioning the reason. However, it was later known that it was a tribute to Sikayahu. The scientific name was chosen to be Secunderand.

Places of spread of Sequoia trees:

  Sequoia has been planted in many different parts of the world since it was discovered. Today it is spread in North America, South America, Australia and New Zealand. Its success depends on the similarity of the climate of the area where it is grown with its native California habitat. In the humid places of Europe such as the United Kingdom, parts of Canada, Australia and New Zealand, while they do not grow well in the eastern parts of the United States of America, and do not grow at all in tropical or very cold areas, The snuff parts Mechanism of the Scandinavian countries, in general, the sequoia tree does not bear the warm climate, and do not grow in arid soil.

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