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What Germany is famous for

بم تشتهر ألمانياGermany:
   The Federal Republic of Germany is located in the center of Europe on an area of ​​357,021 km². It is bordered to the south by Switzerland and Austria, to the north by the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and Denmark, and to the west by Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and France, and to the east by Poland and the Czech Republic Berlin has a federal federal system. Germany is divided into 16 federal regions, each with its own government and local sovereignty, with a population of more than 81 million. Most of Germany has a mild temperate climate in the summer and cold winters of humid Western wind.

Germany is famous for:
   It is famous for the development of its medical and medical field, because it contains many modern equipment and devices in the medical field, and major operations are carried out in it, such as cancer tumors and brain operations.
  Is famous for its interest in scientists and thinkers, and has emerged from it the most famous scientists in the world, such as Otto and Wilhelm, and the most famous thinkers, writers and musicians, and Germany ranks first in the continent of Europe in terms of registered patents.
It is one of the most technologically, militarily, economically and industrially advanced countries. Germany has the largest number of auto parts, machinery and metal products, and it is characterized by the production of solar technology.
Munich is famous for its modern and classical buildings, with many international museums such as the Museum of the Band, which includes antiques and art from the 18th century, the German Museum of Technology and Science, Many old buildings, churches, bell tower, and Olympic Stadium are considered as a design revolution.

Language in Germany:
  German is the official language of the country. It is spoken by about 100 million people in Europe, 80 million in Germany and is the 23rd largest language spoken in Europe. French and English are also spoken in schools as well as German. Regions in Germany are different languages ​​such as Serbian, Romanian and Danish. Turkish and Russian are the most common languages ​​used by immigrants.
Religion in Germany:
  There is no unified religion in Germany. The state does not impose any religion and people are free to choose religion. The Christian religion is the most popular and embraces about 63% of the population, the Catholic religion is 1% and the Muslim population is estimated at 4.2 million.

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