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What is famous for Tanzania

بماذا تشتهر تنزانياTanzania:
  How strange this name sounds, but despite its quirk, it is one of the most beautiful spots on this planet, and many people do not know what we mean by Tanzania, how beautiful this name is and with a beautiful musical tone, we will talk about Tanzania, So that everyone will be knowledgeable, knowledgeable and knowledgeable about this wonderful and beautiful Kingdom, and we will know more about its many characteristics, where it exists, and how many of its inhabitants.
  Dar es Salaam is the capital of Tanzania. It is located on the eastern coast of the Indian Ocean. It was formerly called Mzizima, one of the largest cities in Tanzania and one of the largest cities in terms of population. It was counted in 2012 with a population of 4,364,541. The economic center of the country.
  The city is known for its very high population and is famous for its population density. Its population is close to 6 percent, close to 5.7 percent, which makes it the third most populous city in Africa, followed by Lagos and Bamako, India has made it a prestigious center, and has become one of the most important ports in that country, as we know that ports are an important point of communication and transit to connect countries in some of them commercially and economically.
  The industry in Dar es Salaam is mainly food. However, the city is not without some textile and cement industries, some building materials and medicines, and the number of Muslims is very high in this city.

Why Tanzania is named by this name:
   The name Tanzania is an ancient name of the Kingdom of Zanzibar, which was affiliated to the Sultanate of Oman, the Islamic Al-Bousaid, in East Africa, but it was exposed to the exposure of the Arab and Islamic world to the Western occupation. The occupation countries represented Britain, Germany and France to share the spoils between them. Germany took Tanganyika, Until the end of the First World War. After its defeat, Tanganyika became a British Mandate under the eyes of the League of Nations (UN) until its independence in 1961.

United Republic of Tanzania:
   The United Republic of Tanzania is located in East Africa, a union between Tanganyika and the island of Zanzibar. It is characterized by an Arab Islamic and architectural character. It was part of the Omani Empire. Tanzania originated from the Tanganyika and Zanzibar Islands following the bloody massacres in Zanzibar in 1964 .
  Tanganyika and Zanzibar are the largest part of the Islamic state of Boussaid in East Africa, and were agreed by the colonial powers in the last quarter of the last century, and were plotted by the British, Germany and France, and agreed to divide East Africa among themselves, followed by the British and Germany on the The Treaty of East Africa was signed, and the signing of the agreement took place in 1886 AD. As a result, Germany took Tanganyika and remained in control until the end of the First World War. After the defeat of Alt Tanganyika to Britain, the mandate was extended, the mother United Kingdom, Tanganyika remained subject to Britain until it became independent in 1961.

    A colony was established on the land now known as Tanzania. It was built by Germany, during the 19th century when Britain ruled some neighboring islands, known as Zanzibar. * In the beginning of the twentieth century AD, the inland territories became a British colony under the name of Tanganyika, and in 1961, it and the capital of Dar es Salaam, and the union of Zanzibar and Tanganyika became the Republic of Tanzania, which was named after the United Republic of Tanzania in 1964 AD. Tanzania still retains its tribal character and continues to rely on agriculture, fishing and animal husbandry to date. Tanzania has a large surface of 5,300 square kilometers of fresh lakes, half of Lake Victoria and half of Tanganyika, Malawi to a number of small lakes, Rufoma Rivers, Rufiji River, River Wami, and Panjani River. Tanzania is one of the largest African countries in terms of area. It has an area of ​​88,379 square kilometers. Despite its large population, Tanzania is one of the least densely populated countries in Africa. As mentioned earlier, it is an Islamic country. % Of the Muslim population, and concentrated in the territory of Zanzibar.
  What is Tanzania famous for?
   Tanzania is famous for its many qualities, including the picturesque, rich nature and animal-rich wildlife where elephants, giraffes, lions and other animals live in the Serengeti National Reserve or the Celos Animal Farm, and in northern Kilimanjaro, which is covered with ice cover.
  The mountain is one of the highest mountain peaks in Africa, with a height of 5,895 meters. There is also a lake called Tanganyika, which is the oldest freshwater lake in the world. It extends to 680 km on the western border of the country. 69,485 square kilometers, is one of the largest lakes in Africa, and part of it is located within northern Tanzania.

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